Makeup Artist Class

The Makeup Pro vs. The Makeup Hobbyist

I’ve been teaching this class for over twenty years. It’s changed a lot but the core still remains. I focus on technique rather than trend. Trends come and go and an education in proper technique will take you farther and make you more successful. Once you master core technique, trends are easy. If someone with a deep-set eye wants the latest smoky eye look she saw on the Kardashians, it’s more important that you know why or why not her eye shape will look good in it. That’s where core education sets you apart from just learning trends. It makes you a makeup pro vs. hobbyist.

Learn how to build and sustain a profitable makeup business in an ever-changing business atmosphere. The difference between success & growth in this industry is educating yourself about it. Being a talented artist is only half of it.

Understand how to avoid career killing mistakes most amateur artists make and soar above your competition!

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Preparing for a photo shoot

  If you are new to the world of photo shoots, here are some tips beyond just packing your makeup kit.

  1. Bring a makeup chair unless you know for certain there is one at the location you are working at.
  2. Be prepared for it either being too hot or too cold on set. Dress in layers so you can deal with either scenario and be comfortable.
  3. Always pack water and snacks. Sometimes there are lunch breaks, and sometimes there are not. Be prepared for anything so you can stay focused on your work.
  4. Bring portable makeup lights if you aren’t sure of the lighting.
  5. Plan on the shoot running later than expected. They often do and you need to stay as long as needed.
  6. Check with someone in charge to make sure you can take behind the scenes photos & the protocol.  Some jobs don’t allow any behind the scenes photos, or they allow them but you can’t post them until the shoot is published. 
  7. If bts photos are allowed, be sure to tag everyone properly on social media. It’s a great way to connect with the people you are working with and it’s proper etiquette.
  8. Be a lovely person to work with! Don’t engage in negative talk. This can be a huge factor in whether you are hired again or not.

(Behind the scenes photo: Lucas Passmore, Makeup: Debra Macki, Hair: Sabrina Sanchez, Model: Britt Koth)

Avoid This #1 Career Killer

Negativity is the #1 killer of creativity. A negative person does not get positive results.

1. Start each day with gratitude. Changing your thoughts is the first step to staying on a clear path to success.

2. Be mindful of what you say on social media.  Putting negative things out there only comes back to affect you in a negative way. Most negative things affect you silently so you can’t measure them.  People might not want to hire you because of how you come across on social media.16651_691891017529977_1066234555_n

3. Remove negative/jealous people from your inner circle. People who complain a lot, talk about others, and/or are jealous will only affect you negatively. Don’t take career or life advice from them either. Never abandon your dreams because someone living their nightmare told you to. Surround yourself with positive people and you will see positive results.

4. Don’t engage in trash talking. Treat your co-workers, clients, and competition with the utmost respect. Negative words travel faster and further than positive ones. The people who witness you trash talking won’t see you in a professional light or trust you in the future.

5. Having good energy affects your business. Your energy speaks for itself.  You can’t hide bad energy.  Affect the people around you in a positive way.  Don’t be the person who says “It looks like you put on a few pounds”. Be the person who says “Your hair looks great today!”



You only live once so you owe it yourself to be happy and follow your dreams.

Respect yourself enough to know you deserve it!

Tips For Success In the New Year

 What is your brand?  Your Message?
Clarity is important when developing your brand. Your message should be clear and consistent. Differentiate yourself from your peers.


Everything you do and say online is a reflection of your brand.
No matter how “private” your privacy settings are, they are never private enough. Don’t say things that you don’t want anyone seeing. It affects your brand negatively. You can lose jobs and credibility based on what you say via social media.


What are your goals?
Make a list of short term and long term goals.  Hold yourself accountable and stay focused. The difference between a dream and a goal is a time line.


Stay Inspired
Inspiration is important in all facets of life. If we don’t feel inspired, we lose our drive.  Staying inspired is easier than you think. Inspiration is all around you if you open your eyes. “Whenever I see art, I think of how lucky I am to have my eye sight.” I said that to my husband when I was at a museum one day. I think of that every time I see something beautiful and it makes me smile and feel inspired.


Develop Your Media Plan
Have a plan to get your message out there! Knowing who your audience is and how to reach them will increase your business. Social media is an integral part of your success.


Be nice
Having a great attitude goes a long way! You’d be surprised how being polite and easy to work with can get you future work. Have manners and be on-time.  A negative attitude will get you negative results.


Learn how to do things the RIGHT way with your business. Don’t make mistakes that will cost you money because you are trying to learn it on your own, the hard way. Take a class that will fast forward your SUCCESS!! You can’t afford not to.


 DebraMackiShout out to everyone with a dream! Stay focused. I’m rooting for you!


Peace, Love, and Lipstick,
Debra Macki