The Makeup Pro vs. The Makeup Hobbyist

I’ve been teaching this class for over twenty years. It’s changed a lot but the core still remains. I focus on technique rather than trend. Trends come and go and an education in proper technique will take you farther and make you more successful. Once you master core technique, trends are easy. If someone with a deep-set eye wants the latest smoky eye look she saw on the Kardashians, it’s more important that you know why or why not her eye shape will look good in it. That’s where core education sets you apart from just learning trends. It makes you a makeup pro vs. hobbyist.

Learn how to build and sustain a profitable makeup business in an ever-changing business atmosphere. The difference between success & growth in this industry is educating yourself about it. Being a talented artist is only half of it.

Understand how to avoid career killing mistakes most amateur artists make and soar above your competition!

Class calendar

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