Avoid This #1 Career Killer

Negativity is the #1 killer of creativity. A negative person does not get positive results.

1. Start each day with gratitude. Changing your thoughts is the first step to staying on a clear path to success.

2. Be mindful of what you say on social media.  Putting negative things out there only comes back to affect you in a negative way. Most negative things affect you silently so you can’t measure them.  People might not want to hire you because of how you come across on social media.16651_691891017529977_1066234555_n

3. Remove negative/jealous people from your inner circle. People who complain a lot, talk about others, and/or are jealous will only affect you negatively. Don’t take career or life advice from them either. Never abandon your dreams because someone living their nightmare told you to. Surround yourself with positive people and you will see positive results.

4. Don’t engage in trash talking. Treat your co-workers, clients, and competition with the utmost respect. Negative words travel faster and further than positive ones. The people who witness you trash talking won’t see you in a professional light or trust you in the future.

5. Having good energy affects your business. Your energy speaks for itself.  You can’t hide bad energy.  Affect the people around you in a positive way.  Don’t be the person who says “It looks like you put on a few pounds”. Be the person who says “Your hair looks great today!”



You only live once so you owe it yourself to be happy and follow your dreams.

Respect yourself enough to know you deserve it!

6 Comments on “Avoid This #1 Career Killer

  1. Thank you. That was beautiful, and I’m going to write that out and hang it where I can see it every morning. Like attracts like, and I want to attract positivity to my life only. 😊🍀🌸


  2. Just wanted to say that as I was reading this article I felt like someone else out there could read my mind and put my thought into words! I couldn’t agree more . Thank you for shearing it .


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